Why spine deformities are common in infants

A spine deformism, or hunchback, is a condition that can affect babies, young children and adults.

It is caused by a stretch of the spine caused by an abnormality in the muscles that support the spine, called a trapezius.

The muscles stretch as the baby grows and grow, eventually resulting in a deformity that can cause the baby to look short or short-sighted.

The most common cause is an injury to the spinal column, or vertebrae, or the outer layer of the spinal cord.

The child can also have a narrowing of the ligaments between the bones of the neck, a condition called congenital plagiocephaly.

It can affect people of all ages.

It usually develops in a baby or child who has not yet reached their first birthday, and it is typically not life-threatening.

Trapezius deformity corrects a weakness or injury to a muscle or ligament that causes a baby to bend or twist when it falls on a hard surface.

However, this is not a simple fix.

A spinal deformity can affect a child who may be born with a deformities or a condition caused by trauma to the spine.

It may affect babies who have a weak spine or who are older than 10 months, or those who have been injured or affected by a disease or other medical condition.

The deformity usually begins with an abnormally narrow spine, with a tightness in the neck or shoulder area.

The problem usually develops as soon as the child reaches the age of five or six years, although older children may have more trouble.

What are the symptoms of a spine deformia?

The child is usually in a crouched position, leaning on a hand or arm.

There may be a small bump or bruise on the neck.

The shape of the child’s neck can be slightly bowed or bent.

The baby’s head is either slightly bent or slightly up or down.

A stretch or twisting of the head can be felt at the top of the skull or below the eyes.

A thin line of skin may form at the front of the face.

If the deformity continues for a long time, it can cause a child to have a “hunchback”.

The child may look down, with the upper part of the body being hunched.

The area under the chin may appear to be bent forward.

Some children may also have sloping shoulders or have a slight curvature of the back.

This is usually not life threatening.

The condition can also affect adults who have suffered a serious injury to their spine.

Some conditions cause problems with the spinal muscles, or can affect nerves in the lower spinal cord (which runs from the front to the back of the brain).

For example, some spinal cord injuries can cause nerve problems.

There is usually a lump in the middle of the shoulder blade.

This usually heals with time.

Some patients with spinal deformities may have a limp in their legs, or have trouble walking.

These are symptoms that may be caused by different conditions.

Diagnosis and treatment The diagnosis of a spinal deformism is usually made by a paediatrician.

The doctor will usually ask: Is the deformism due to an injury?

Are there any underlying medical conditions that can make the child vulnerable?

What is the history of the deformities?

The paediatricians and other health professionals will then assess the child and ask questions about: The condition of the baby’s spinal cord and spinal muscles

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