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Correcting spine tilts are a favorite of many people who suffer from neck pain.

They help relieve pressure on the vertebrae and help the body to maintain its balance.

They are also known to help people who have spinal stenosis or other neck injuries.

But the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) has said correcting spine tilting poses serious health risks, because the tilting position can cause damage to the spinal cord and potentially lead to nerve damage.

AAN said it will recommend that the public not use them, and some doctors have also said they should not prescribe them.

Some people believe correcting spinal tilting is helpful for people with arthritis and spinal stenoses.

The American Academy is an independent, not-for-profit organization.

A study published in the medical journal Neurology found that correcting spine tilt by twisting a pillow back and forth could lead to damage to nerves in people with spinal stenotic disorders.

Correcting the spine tilt is an important part of a rehabilitation program for people who need spinal surgery.

It can be especially useful for people living with spinal injuries that require an artificial limb, or people with a history of spinal stenosing.

The AAN guidelines say correcting the spine tilt should be done at least three times a week, and a “small amount” every two to three days.

Correction should also be done when it is “unlikely that the patient is likely to return to an upright posture,” according to the AAN.

Correction is especially important for people recovering from spinal injuries, because they can be more prone to injury and can have a hard time returning to their normal upright posture.

“Corrective spine tilttings can be performed safely for most patients, and they can help restore some degree of balance to the patient’s body,” the guidelines said.

“However, the safety of correcting spinal tilt by tilting a pillow to the left or right should be considered before correcting it by tilts to the other side.”

The American Medical Association says that the American Heart Association recommends that patients who have a history or current history of neck pain should avoid correcting their spinal tilts.

But they also say that correcting spinal Tilts is still recommended.

The AAP recommends that doctors who are treating people with neck injuries and other conditions that require a spinal surgery consider correcting their spine tilsts to help reduce the risk of infection.

“When correcting spinal tilted positions, it is important to do so in a manner that does not cause damage of the nerves, but rather allows the patient to return safely to his or her normal upright position,” the AAP said in a statement.

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