When you spin the wrong way, the self-interactions that control your spins are more important than you think

The self-explanatory title.

The TimesofIndia is reporting that the self interaction that causes the spin of a spinning object to correct itself is more important to the spin rate of a body than the self explanation of its spinning behavior.

As the Times reports: In a study that followed people as they practiced the spin position, self-induced spin was linked to a faster spin rate.

But the spin direction was also crucial to the accuracy of the spin.

People who were taught to control their own spins were more accurate than those who were instructed to “spin off” the body.

The researchers found that the better the control over their spin, the greater the accuracy they had when determining spin direction.

It wasn’t just spin.

The more people practiced the correct spin position in the experiment, the faster the spin was corrected.

As you spin your body, it is your spin that dictates how much of that body is spinning.

But you can control the spin so that the spin is more or less evenly distributed.

You can also control the amount of rotation you do in the body, or how fast that rotation is.

The self explanation can be a bit misleading when it comes to understanding the spin, as the authors say that when you spin a body, “you are essentially controlling the spin by the amount you do or do not control it, rather than by the actual spin.”

And while the authors admit that it is a bit of a stretch to say that you control the rotation of a rotating body with your hands, it may be that this control is a key factor in controlling the spinning motion. 

It’s worth noting that the authors acknowledge that the subject of self-excitation in spin-solving has not been studied to the same degree as other forms of self explanation. 

 The authors suggest that it might be the self self-control that is the key.

The authors also acknowledge that they are still not sure what the mechanisms that allow self-correcting spin to be so accurate are.

“Our results suggest that there is an underlying mechanism that we do not fully understand,” they write.

“We also think that this mechanism is important for our understanding of the role of self control in spin stabilization.” 

The paper will be published in Physical Review Letters next week.

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