What’s wrong with my spine?

In a clinical trial, researchers found that spinal manipulation can improve the curvature of the spine and the angle of a patient’s spine.

The spinal manipulation has been used to correct patients with spinal stenosis and spinal deformities, as well as patients with thoracic outlet syndrome.

The treatment has also been used for chronic back pain.

The results of the clinical trial were published online May 16 in the journal PloS One.

This week, a group of researchers led by the Harvard Medical School published results of a pilot study in which the spinal manipulation was applied to patients with back pain that had been chronic for at least three months.

In that study, patients had to undergo two different types of spinal manipulation, one for the spine itself and another for the muscles that control the spine.

A third group of patients were allowed to remain in the control group.

All three groups received spinal manipulation.

When the spinal manipulations were performed on the same patients, both groups showed improvements in their pain.

“The results of this pilot study indicate that spinal manipulators are safe and effective for treating back pain, and that the benefits of spinal manipulates are substantial, clinically meaningful, and well tolerated,” said Dr. Michael W. Wertheim, director of the Harvard Center for Plural Tissue Engineering, one of the study’s authors.

“There is an urgent need for more effective interventions for back pain.”

A study in March 2016 in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that the spinal manipulative treatment, which involved using a thin flexible instrument that moves in a straight line from the spinal canal to the upper part of the lower back, improved the pain of back pain patients by an average of 19 percent.

The researchers also noted that spinal manipulative techniques could be effective for people who are already suffering from chronic back or back pain or who have had a previous surgery.

The technique can also be used to help patients who have low back pain but still have pain in their lower back.

Back pain can be caused by a variety of factors, including arthritis, nerve damage, a lack of mobility, an injury or surgery, and physical or emotional stress.

A variety of medications, including painkillers and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, can also cause back pain and can make people feel worse.

“When we start to use new treatments for chronic pain, the question arises: What is the right dosage and how much to use?” said Drs.

Jonathan B. Smith and Andrew W. Cauffman, the study authors and director of Harvard Medical Schools’ Bone Health Institute.

“If you have pain that is not getting better, and you can’t manage it on your own, then it may be time to consider a spinal manipulation treatment.”

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