What you need to know about nurolithotomy and the vertebral correction

There are many cases of spinal corrections in children and adults where the spinal cord is broken, causing the vertebrae to twist.

The procedure has been used to treat many other disorders, but the exact mechanisms by which they work remain unclear.

But new research shows that when you use the spinal technique, it can reduce pain and improve spinal function in people who have spinal cord injuries.

Here are the main aspects of the procedure: How do you do the procedure?

The spinal correction is performed by a trained doctor.

You must have a spine that’s at least 20 cm (9 in) long and you must be able to stand up.

You can have the spine stretched, or the spine pushed back.

If the spine is pulled out, the spine can twist.

You’ll need a special, specially designed tool called a cervical collar.

A cervical collar attaches to your spine and can be inserted in the middle of the back, near the hip, where you can adjust the position of the neck and spinal nerves.

When you’re done, you’ll have the collar wrapped around your neck and your spine will be stabilized.

When will it work?

The procedure works best in adults who are between 18 and 65 years old.

It works best if you have the following symptoms: You have a neck injury that involves a fracture or other damage that is causing pain in your neck or other parts of your body.

You have one or more symptoms that make you more likely to have an abnormal condition called a vertebral injury.

Your symptoms do not appear to be related to your condition.

You also don’t have a spinal cord injury.

The reason the procedure doesn’t work in younger people is that they tend to have a higher incidence of spinal injuries.

What are the complications?

The most common complication is an abnormal change in the spinal column.

The spine may become bent, or become stretched or twisted.

Other complications may include: Weakness in the neck muscles.


Weakness or numbness in your legs.

Abnormal movements in your arms.

Tingling or numb feeling in your hands.

Pain in your back.

Your spine can also feel loose.

In most cases, the procedure will improve your pain relief, but it may not be pain-free.

What should you do if the procedure does not work?

Call your doctor if you’re not comfortable with the procedure.

Tell him or her you’re having pain, numbness or tingling in your limbs.

Talk with your doctor about any additional precautions you might need.

Call your healthcare provider if you feel you might have a problem with your spine or if your symptoms worsen or get worse.

Call the emergency department if you think your symptoms are related to a spinal injury or another medical condition.

The most important thing is to seek immediate care.

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