What the GOP can learn from the 2016 election and how to avoid the same mistakes again

In the 2016 presidential election, Democrats, Republicans and independents alike sought to use a variety of means to combat President Donald Trump.

While Democrats and Republicans tried to build on the victories of the party’s base and use it to take on Trump, they failed to capitalize on the opportunity for grassroots activism that could have been unleashed with the Trump campaign.

Instead, Democrats and Trump supporters turned to the most effective tactics in order to keep the momentum going: the use of misinformation and outright lies.

The tactics worked and Democrats gained control of Congress and the White House, while Trump was unable to regain control of the White house.

But the lesson that Republicans can learn about the 2016 campaign is that these tactics failed, and they could have potentially been far more effective.

The key to defeating the Trump wave, according to Trump, was not the media, but the voters.

If Republicans and Trump voters believed the media was the enemy of the American people, they could never defeat the Trump phenomenon.

“When I was first running for office, I was told I couldn’t get elected because the media wouldn’t let me,” Trump said.

“But the media is the enemy, because it’s the enemy that is trying to divide us.

And if we have the media working against us, the voters are going to keep voting for us.

I think that is the big reason why we’re in this mess, is that the media has been so wrong.

The media, when they are wrong, always makes things worse.”

In other words, the media failed to give the voters the information they needed to win the election.

And while the media may have had a tough time telling the electorate about the Trump surge, the Trump supporters who believed the election was rigged did so.

As they did with the election of 2000, the 2016 electorate also proved to be the most vulnerable to misinformation and disinformation.

When Trump supporters were forced to choose between the fake news that was spread online and the fake information being disseminated by the mainstream media, they chose the latter.

Trump’s followers believed that the mainstream news outlets were all liars and made up stories that were untrue.

Trump and his supporters, however, failed to use their base’s anger at the media to turn it into action.

Instead, Trump’s supporters were distracted by the possibility of a victory, even though they were already winning.

Trump supporters, who were frustrated by the media’s coverage, could not be bothered to take action.

And even though the Democrats were winning the popular vote, they did not have the electoral votes to overturn the outcome of the election, and were able to win by less than a majority.

The lesson of 2016 is that misinformation and falsehoods, and not information, are the most powerful weapon in the hands of an enemy.

The voters and the media cannot defeat the forces of the Trump movement without embracing these tactics and taking the appropriate actions to keep their momentum going.

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