What do you think of the ABC’s new ‘self-interacting’ TV ad?

I like it.

 The ad’s an interesting example of the sort of content-based advertising that’s emerging in a variety of media, and it’s a good example of how TV ad creatives are using their creativity and their data to help make the world a better place.

For instance, this one-off ad for an Australian sports company called the NAB AFL, which features a young boy’s football helmet as a sort of ‘shoulder to shoulder’ sign, has been around since 2011, and has been used in several other media (including the National Geographic series Unstoppable).

It was designed by a young Australian, Josh Stottlemyre, who also designed the ‘Self-Interacting’ video for ABC Radio Australia’s Super Sunday, in which a young man watches a game of football in his backyard, while his brother and his friends watch from afar.

In the ad, Stottleson uses an old-school, self-aware, human voice to tell his story: He’s been a fan since he was a kid, and he was only 16 when he started to play the game.

In the video, a young woman who’s been following him on Instagram, tells him: ‘I’m so excited to see you on Super Sunday’.

As Stottlys story continues, we see the two boys sitting in the backyard, as the woman talks about watching Super Sunday and the young man talks about the game’s popularity.

The ad ends with Stottlets dad watching on TV, and his brother watching from a distance.

‘What’s that about?’ the young father asks.

Stottle’s dad responds: ‘The kid is watching the game with his friends, and the game is popular.’

And then I see the game and I think: ‘That’s pretty cool.'”‘

I’m a big fan of your dad.”’

A friend who lives in Sydney says that when he heard about your dad on TV for the first time, he just knew you were the coolest dude around.”

Stottles dad responds with: ‘Really?’

The young man responds: ‘Yeah, I’m a huge fan of his.

I watch football on TV with my friends.”

But what’s that?”

I can’t tell you, but I know he watches it with his mom and dad.”

What does that mean?”’

It means he’s a huge football fan.”


Then what’s the big deal?”

It means they’re a big part of the game, too.”

And you’re a huge footballer?”


My dad’s the best.

He knows how to score goals.

He was at the World Cup, and I was watching him play, and we just watched the game together.’

What do you want me to do?”

I just want you to watch Super Sunday with me.”

So what do you say?”

Go out there and watch with your dad.

I’ll be right there with you.”


Good luck, Dad!”

Thank you.’

I know how passionate people are about football, and my dad is like the greatest, but he’s just not like that. “

It was really nice to have someone who knows football, who knows how it works, who is just really passionate about it,” Stottlet says.

“I know how passionate people are about football, and my dad is like the greatest, but he’s just not like that.

He’s not like someone who is going out there with a bunch of kids and just watching football with them.”

Stottlets father also takes time to talk to the young girl.

”I’m not really into sports,” he says.

”I watch a lot of TV, but there’s not much to watch with my brother.”

“But he’s an expert at it.

And he watches games on TV so I don’t think there’s much to do with him.”’

We want him to see the world as it is, without the negativity that comes with it.'”

I think he wants to see it in a way that makes him feel good, not negative.”

I think there needs to be more of a focus on how the game has changed, how it’s changed in the last few years, and not just the past.”

People have become more accepting, they’re more accepting of the fact that we’re not going to change it overnight.”

Stelllets dad also takes a moment to talk about the young boy in the ad.

He tells him that his dad loves watching the NRL.”

He’s the most important person in the world to me, and you know, I watch his game with him on TV every week.”

Stelllt’s mom also talks to her son.

She tells him about how her dad has always been a huge supporter of the NRL, and

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