What can we learn from self-correcting spine deformities?

The spine has evolved to be more than a tool for controlling body posture, it also has the capacity to control the rest of the body, a recent study found.

In a new paper, researchers from the University of Cambridge and the University College London described the spinal position that is most important for self-restraint, including spinal deformity, as an important factor in the evolution of vertebrates.

They argue that this position is particularly important for vertebrates with vertebral column deformities, such as snakes, turtles and birds.

Self-corrective spine posture is known to be a critical factor in vertebrate evolution, and it is important for a number of vertebrate species to have self-control of the spine, including snakes and turtles, the researchers write.

It is important to note that in these snakes, it is possible to position the vertebral columns more correctly, and that this is a very useful behaviour for a vertebrate.

In addition, the authors of the study, who also include colleagues from the National Natural Science Foundation of Singapore and the Royal Veterinary College, say that the ability to self-rectify the vertebrae with the use of a specialized tool, such the spinal column deformity corrective tool (SCT) may have helped to evolve self-controlled vertebrates in general.

However, the research also has implications for the evolution and function of other vertebrates, such in the case of vertebra that are more prone to degenerative conditions.

It could also have implications for our understanding of the evolution, evolution and control of vertebral spine deformations.

“Self-rectification of the vertebrate spine is very important for the vertebrates to have a good control of their vertebral bodies,” lead author Dr Andrew Cavanagh, of the University’s School of Biological Sciences, told New Scientist.

“But it also enables them to maintain the correct position of the joints.”

The authors of this study used a robotic tool to correct the position of a vertebral vertebra in the neck of a female snake.

The tool is an SCT, which uses an electric field to correct a vertebra by displacing the vertebracetic disk and bending the vertebrobasilar bone.

“The device is flexible, light and very small,” the researchers wrote in their paper.

“Its function is not to correct vertebral curvature, but rather to help maintain a correct position for the joints of the spinal columns.”

The device was designed for the purpose of correcting the position and position of vertebras that are not yet fully correct and are in the process of degeneration.

“As the temperature decreases, the soft tissue becomes softer, allowing the soft tissues to expand, and the vertecospinal vertebra is able to contract more freely, thereby correcting the vertebium.” “

These changes could include the amount of water, wind and sun that are in a given day, or the environment of the snake itself,” he said.

“As the temperature decreases, the soft tissue becomes softer, allowing the soft tissues to expand, and the vertecospinal vertebra is able to contract more freely, thereby correcting the vertebium.”

Self-restraints were found in a number vertebrates including snakes, bats and birds, but the most significant vertebrate self-regulation in vertebrates is not the vertebs, but in the muscles of the neck, according to Dr Cavans.

In fact, vertebrates have muscles that are able to control themselves to prevent degenerative changes in their joints.

The spinal column of the shoulder has been known to flex or rotate in response to changes that occur with temperature, and these movements are known as self-rotations.

The researchers of the new study suggest that the verte vertebra may have evolved to perform a similar self-reinforcing task to self correcting the cervical vertebra.

However they also note that the new findings have implications beyond snakes and vertebrates and point to the need for more studies on vertebrate behaviour.

The study has been published in the journal Nature Communications.

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