Spine correction and massage treatments can help prevent neck problems

A spine correction massage can improve the function of your neck and help prevent back pain, according to research from the Australian Medical Association.

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A study published in the medical journal BMC Public Health found spinal corrections had no significant effect on the length of time your neck would be tender, but that they could reduce the pain of back pain.

The study, funded by the Australian Government, followed 4,746 people for eight months, with a further 1,904 people on a follow-up for three years.

Participants were divided into three groups: those who received a spinal correction massage twice weekly for six weeks and those who didn’t.

The researchers found the massage had no impact on pain after two months, although they noted there were some participants who experienced more pain when they had more frequent spinal corrections.

The research also found spinal adjustments could reduce pain in the neck region and relieve pressure on the neck, with no significant impact on the duration of neck stiffness.

It’s important to note that the findings of the study are preliminary, and further studies are needed to confirm the benefits.

Spinal corrections are known to relieve neck pain and prevent back injuries.

They can also help reduce the risk of a severe case of arthritis.

The AMA said the study’s findings could help doctors assess the effectiveness of spinal corrections and the effectiveness in preventing neck pain.

“There are two important points to be aware of when evaluating spinal manipulation, particularly when it comes to neck stiffness, especially in the spine region,” AMA general secretary Mark Davies said.

“Firstly, neck stiffness is often a predictor of the development of back problems, and secondly, it can be caused by overuse of the cervical spine and the spinal cord itself, so these treatments need to be considered carefully.”

It is also important to understand that the spinal manipulation techniques that are used to correct the spine are not the only options available for neck pain management.

“The AMA will hold a discussion on spinal manipulation and back pain at its Annual Meeting in Melbourne in October.

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