Leviticus 25:11,11,21:13,22:5:7:12

Leviticuses verses 9,11 and 21 are the only three verses that teach correction in the spine correction position.

You should read the verses in order.

Leviticuss words are used to describe the position of the head and neck during correction.

The head is tilted forward while the neck is held straight.

The back of the neck will be slightly bent while the front will be straight.

Lev.25:11 reads, “Let the head be bowed toward the ground.”

The head should be straight, not bent, as shown in the illustration.

Lev-21:5, “Bend the head forward as much as possible.”

The neck should be bent at the hips as shown here.

Lev 22:5 says, “If the head is bowed, the whole body is to bend forward.”

You should also check Lev-22:7, “The whole body should bend back, as the Lord commanded.”

You will also notice the neck should not be bent when the head becomes bent at mid-line.

Lev 21:13 says, “…let the head come to its proper position, that it may not be moved, as a punishment for sin.”

The Bible says correction should be done in a straight line.

This means the head should not lean forward as shown below.

You can see that the head does not lean back and that the spine does not curl.

The Hebrew word דדת, which means to “turn” or “turn in” is used here.

It is also used in the other verses in LeviticUS.

Lev 20:9-13 says “The spine shall be bent like a cedar tree.

The knees shall be bowed.

The feet shall come together, as one, so that the knees and feet are on the same level.”

The spine should not move during correction but should move to conform to the body and body posture.

You should read Lev-20:11.

Lev 19:9 says, “‘The spine should be bowed like a tree.

And the feet should come together like a man.'”

The spine does need to be bent during correction, but you should not make the head lean forward or the neck lean back during correction since that will cause more pain and injury.

Lev 15:16-17 says, ‘Let the spine be bent as the earth bends; the legs shall be lifted as the birds fly.’

Lev 20;16-18 says, The head must not be turned forward during correction and must not bend.

You must use the straightest line possible when you do corrections and then use the angle you want to use to correct.

Lev 23:5 states, “When the body is bent to the wrong angle, it is hard to bend it again.” The word ישראל ידושת, literally “softening” or softening, is used in Lev 23 and 24.

It means to loosen the spine.

Lev 24:4 says, If the spine is too hard to soften, “you must use a softening stone or something soft.”

You must also remember that correction is about the spine and not the head or neck.

You cannot bend the spine to your will during correction or use a stiffening stone.

Here is an illustration of the correction posture.

Lev 12:1-2 says, And if anyone turns his head from the right to the left, then the Lord will punish him with seven stripes, but if he turns his back from the left to the right, then he will be spared seven stripes.

“You can also see the neck of the body, the spine, and the lower jaw are bent in correction.

Keep reading for more corrections to be taught in Levites verses!

Leviticuse correction correction posture article Lev 22, 23:4 and 5:1, Lev 21, 22:6, 24:3,24:9 and 25:1: Lev 22 and 23, and 24 and 25 are the three main corrections that teach the correction of the spine during correction exercises.

You may not apply these corrections in your everyday life.

You have to use them when correction is needed in order to make sure the spine stays straight.

You will learn to correct your spine with the proper correction exercises and then you can apply these corrective corrections in the rest of your life.

Leviticuss correction posture Leviticuuss correction exercises article Lev 24,25:2 and 25,26:1 and 26:4,27:1 are the correction exercises that teach corrections of the back and neck in correction exercises such as: Lev 24 and 26, Lev 22 or 23, Lev 24 or 25, Lev 26:1 or 26:3.

These correction exercises teach the spine’s bendability and its flexibility.

These corrections also teach the correct position of a person’s spine during movement.

You need to apply these correction

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