How spinal manipulation and corrective surgery can improve posture

A team of Australian scientists has used spinal manipulation to improve posture and prevent neck pain.

The team, led by Professor John Wills from the University of New South Wales, spent more than two years working with a group of neck pain sufferers to learn how to perform the procedure in a controlled environment.

The results have been published in the Journal of Neurosurgical Research.

“What we found was that the most effective way to improve the posture of the spine was using spinal manipulation,” Professor Wills said.

“We found that this kind of manipulation was able to reduce the severity of neck discomfort for up to three months.”

The team was also able to prevent neck injury for up in four months, and to significantly reduce the frequency of neck problems over time.

“If you can improve the alignment of the neck, which is the first thing we think about when we have a problem, then it becomes a very easy thing to fix,” Professor Charles Taylor said.

He is an associate professor at the University at Albany, New York, and has worked with Professor Wamsley for more than 25 years.

Professor Wampsons research group is part of the New Zealand Medical Research Council (NZMRC) Research Institute on Spinal Manipulation and Reconstruction.

It is part-funded by the New Zealander Health Foundation and the New South Welsh Government.

The NZMRC is an independent, non-profit, research-based organisation with a focus on regenerative medicine, spinal manipulation, rehabilitation and rehabilitation of the spinal cord.

The project is funded by the National Health and Medical Research Infrastructure Authority, which was established by the Government of New Zealand in 2012.

The research was conducted in collaboration with the University’s Department of Neurology, and Dr Andrew MacLaughlin.

The study has been published by the Journal Neurosurg.

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