A woman is suing for $50,000 after her spine was wrongly corrected in a spinal medicine chair.

Business Insider – 4 hours ago A woman in California is suing a medical device company and its owner, accusing them of not adequately addressing the problem of incorrect spinal positions.

The complaint filed Monday in San Diego Superior Court says Amy Lee and her husband have been unable to regain proper alignment of the spine in their medicine chair since they bought the product in 2016.

In January, the couple purchased the Medialab Cervical Spin Correction Chair for $2,999.

The chair has two large rotating disks in the center, which can rotate 360 degrees.

Lee claims the device’s makers did not address the issue in their catalogs, which are often incomplete and confusing.

Lee’s lawsuit claims the manufacturer of the device and the medical device owner failed to provide a comprehensive description of the correction, including what the disk positions should be.

The manufacturer also did not include a chart showing how the correction should be applied, the lawsuit says.

The device also does not include any instruction on the correct position of the disk or any instructions on how to correct the spine, the suit says.

In April 2017, the company told Lee that it would correct the spinal position after only a few minutes.

It also advised Lee to purchase another device, the Mediaxio Spin Correction Seat, which costs $2.99 each.

Lee then purchased the $1,500 CervicaXion, a product that has a similar spin correction feature, but it has a different disk arrangement.

“The [Mediaxios] Spin Correction chairs are the only medical devices that do not include instructions on correct spinal alignment,” Lee’s complaint states.

“There are no instructions for correcting spinal position in their descriptions, and it is impossible to determine if the correct spinal position is even listed in the product descriptions.”

The complaint also notes that Lee does not have a history of injuries related to medical devices.

Lee was diagnosed with a severe injury to her spine and has had a string of medical conditions that have kept her from doing any physical activity for the last five years.

The couple had previously been in the process of purchasing a spinal assist device that had a similar disk arrangement to the Medias spin correction chairs.

But the medical devices company did not notify Lee of the potential change, and the company has since discontinued selling the device.

The medical device firm is also suing the medical company that manufactured the Mediosen, saying the device was made with inferior materials and had poor quality control.

The lawsuit is seeking more than $50 million in damages.

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